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All warriors face challenges that test their character, commitment and faith. Click on the topics that concern you to learn more from other warriors who found answers for their journey.



Warriors hold to a set of guiding beliefs or principles that shape their worldview and characterize their community. Each branch of service offers its own focus, but all hold to core truths about the value of defending the constitution and honoring the legacy of those who served before them. All hold to the 10 values you’ll find in this section.
Our goal is to offer insight, perspective and support to warriors and their families as they put these guiding beliefs and principles into practice.



Crewman, 1st Tank Battalion, climbs a jungle gym with students during recess at Palm Vista Elementary School in Twentynine Palms, Calif.

Photo by Marines is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Warrior’s Journey is an online resource produced from the successful worldwide outreach model of Network211.

Network211 is a world missionary outreach focused on global evangelism and discipleship via the Internet. We use 21st Century technology to deliver the 1st Century message of Christ to hurting people around the world. Founded by Dr. George M. Flattery in 1997 our outreach extends in 16 languages to people in over 242 countries and territories.

Our vision is to proclaim the life changing truth of hope through a relationship with Christ to all people, and build a global community of believers by connecting people to local churches in every part of the world. Since 1998, we have launched online programs like Project 10 Million where we hoped to reach 10 million people in ten years. This goal was actually reached on October 14th, at 11 :30p.m., 30 minutes before our 5th anniversary.

We are now focused on Project 100 Million, and as of today we have seen our websites reach over 22 million people with 1.1 million making an evangelism response. Everyone who writes to us is connected to one of our 800 language specific volunteers (1-2-1 Connectors) and is introduced to online discipleship and then a local church or faith community. The access to people in addressing their life issues through on line searches has allowed us exponential results. Whereas, many are looking for people to help, we are helping the people who are looking!


We have now been compelled to take this same model of success of reaching people by addressing life issues that they are facing, but use a unique method to reach our Military members and their families, as they look for answers online. We are currently launching sites that address the unique issues that Warriors and their families face while serving our nation. Col. Scott McChrystal USA (Ret.), along with personnel from the Pentagon and military installations, have worked to help us discover the top needs of military members and their families. Isolation, Identity, Moral Injury, Separation and Reintegration, along with many who are working through PTSD, are just some of the issues we are providing answers and resources to bring Warriors and their families to wholeness. We are providing content for members who are Navigating through the unique issues that military life presents; help for those who need to Support and Lead our Warriors, and resources for those who find themselves Preparing for every event experience by a Warrior or a member of their family.

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