The Warrior's Journey®


Warriors hold to a set of guiding beliefs or principles that shape their worldview and characterize their community. Each branch of service offers its own focus, but all hold to core truths about the value of defending the constitution and honoring the legacy of those who served before them. All hold to the 13 values you’ll find in this section.
Our goal is to offer insight, perspective and support to warriors and their families as they put these guiding beliefs and principles into practice.


Small Group Signup

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A TWJ Small Group is an opportunity where warriors and those who support them gather together, train, and learn more about God’s purpose and mission for their whole life.

Each TWJ Small Group is led by a Team Leader; someone who is willing to lead and connect with others, learn through God’s word, and serve Him through service opportunities. The Warrior’s Journey encourages TWJ Small Groups to function with the help of an Assistant Team Leader to share the responsibility and tasks of each group. TWJ Small Groups meet together weekly to build personal relationships, address life issues and encourage members to reach out to their communities and connect with others.

Small Group Signup