Believe God's Report About you

Author: The Warrior's Journey, Team

Photo by The U.S. Army is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Have you ever experienced something so painful or so horrific that you questioned why you were even alive? Actually, most of us feel this way at some time in our lives: the Marine who has lost all of his limbs from an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) explosion; the wife whose warrior recently died in combat; the middle-aged man who has just received word that his cancer is terminal.

“Why did I not perish at birth, and die as I came from the womb?” (Job 3:11, NKJV)

Even Job, a righteous man in the Old Testament, lost sight that his life had meaning and purpose. He had lost his children, his wealth, and his health. Physically, he was in agony; emotionally, he was in despair; spiritually, he felt bankrupt. In short, he wanted to die. But then he heard God’s report.

His life did have meaning and the Lord was working His purposes in Job’s life, even through suffering. God gave Job another family, restored his health, and made him a wealthy man. Regardless of how hopeless your life may seem at present, you have purpose and meaning. Your Creator says so. Believe God’s report!


If you are dealing with this issue, you do not need to face the challenge alone. Jesus has conquered every challenge so you can move from your present situation to a life of overcoming hope. Invite him to lead you in your journey. He will forgive, comfort, and heal you.

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The content of this article comes from “The Warrior’s Bible” (2014) and is copyrighted by Life Publishers International. Used with permission.