New Rosie Ep. 207: This One Phrase Could Keep Your Arguments at Home From Getting Out of Control - The Warrior's Journey®
I Made A Decision I Have A Question Pray For Me

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SARAH: Today my husband and I are talking about communication because that is a gamechanger for us as we’ve learned to communicate with each other and communicate through, you know, post-traumatic stress and other injuries. So one of our tips is that we use a phrase, that we say, I need some space. It’s actually something I learned from my niece when she was in preschool, for preschoolers to be able to say, when they just can’t control what’s going on in their head. They say, I need some space. And so we use that.

JOHN: And there’s times when I use the phrase like, I need to ice my neck. And that’s the same thing, like I need some space, and she knows to just let me go do my thing. But we always end up coming back, like it’s never an opportunity to like not finish the discussion or the conversation or the hard thing, it’s just, you’re just taking a pause and that’s totally fine.

S: Do you have certain, you know phrase, or something like that that helps you know it’s time for a time out, give me a minute? Add it in the comments because it could help somebody else. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next time.

I Made A Decision I Have A Question Pray For Me