New Rosie Ep. 204: John’s Tools & Routine for Reducing Chronic Neck Pain - The Warrior's Journey®
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SARAH: Welcome to The New Rosie Show where veteran families are empowering each other. I’m your host, Sarah Dale. And today my husband is sharing his very special routine for reducing pain levels. He has a neck injury that the chronic pain can get really bad and it’s hard for him to focus so he has a special routine. Number one, he ices his neck. He puts it inside a pillow case. He lays down. That takes the pressure off your entire spine. And he has this contoured pillow that supports his neck. Then he also has this special white noise app. It has pink noise. We never heard of pink noise until he got this app.

JOHN: It’s good.

S: Sounds just like that and helps him clear out the pain. Ok. So what do you do at your house to combat chronic pain? Share your tips in the comments because it could be helpful for other people, ourselves included. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time on The New Rosie Show.

I Made A Decision I Have A Question Pray For Me