New Rosie EP. 209: Could Your Smartphone Notifications be PTSD Triggers? - The Warrior's Journey®
I Made A Decision I Have A Question Pray For Me

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SARAH: Today we are talking about post-traumatic stress and over-stimulation.

JOHN: For me, like when I’m in a crowded room or a noisy restaurant or something like that, there’s just all these things going on and I’m processing that information. And it gets to the point sometimes where it’s like, it’s overwhelming and disorienting, right? And the same thing happens when my smartphone – there are notifications for email and text and facebook and instagram and phone and all this stuff. And so there’s like constantly things popping up on the screen and making noises. And it got to the point for me where it was too much. And so I’ve turned off all the notifications on my phone except for text and phone. I’ve gotta put that boundary in for me for me health.

SARAH: How do you put boundaries in place for your own mental health and sanity? Put your tips in the comments – it could be really helpful to someone else.

I Made A Decision I Have A Question Pray For Me