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TAMYKO: So with organization, one thing that’s really been great for us is creating a binder for Bryant’s military paperwork and medical records, to keep discharge papers, civilian doctor’s reports, and records from those because your VA may need all of those things. And now Bryant can just go to one place, where as before we had those things in file cabinets, and it was like, one was in one file, oh the other one is down here…

BRYANT: It’s your entire military history in one binder so that when somebody asks you, oh, I need this document for, we’re gonna go get a will or because you’re up for promotion, you can just… here’s proof that I have a bronze star or silver star, or whatever the case is.

T: We need to add those things to your binder.

B: Yeah. I don’t even know where my awards are.

T: I know where they are.

B: Do you? Ok. I married up.