New Rosie Ep. 216: Classroom Timer Equals One Less Thing to Nag About

June 27, 2018

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TAMYKO: I have a big timer that has a red dial. The visual helps the children to see…like to more quantify the time that they have left. Having it in a place that they can see it often, it brings it back to their memory, it helps me to not have to remind them. They can say, oh, this much time has lapsed. It makes them feel a sense of accomplisment in whatever their task is that’s being timed, like reading…they’re looking at it like, oh, I’m almost finished. So it helps them to stay focused on what it is that they’re trying to accomplish and helps Mommy to be able to allow them to have some independence while they’re completing their task and not feel like I have to nag them. Cause it’s like I don’t want all of our interactions to feel like I’m lecturing you or I’m nagging you about something that I need you to do. I want us to be able to talk and have fun…Time’s up!…And enjoy our time together.