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Veterans Resource Center

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The Center

The new Veteran Resource Center will allow TWJ to expand existing services and develop new in-person workshops and coaching programs. The center will have a local impact and allow TWJ to invite veterans from around the country to participate. The space will be key to TWJ’s continued growth and expansion of resources.

The new TWJ center will expand existing office space to facilitate new team growth and additional collaborative meeting spaces. The center will include a video and podcast studio, which is key to helping TWJ build new media and content for digital veteran engagement. 

The space has been designed to provide multipurpose space to facilitate group workshops and presentations. These services will allow us to produce new resources and events aimed at helping veterans facing transitions, family challenges, and isolation. As a part of phase 2, educational space will be expanded for additional event opportunities.

The center demonstrates TWJ’s ongoing commitment to the Springfield community. Creating and piloting new workshops and resources in our community will allow us to better serve warriors across the country and around the world.