Healing Invisible Wounds - The Warrior's Journey®

Healing Invisible Wounds

Dawn Attack. Photo by Marines is licensed under CC By 2.0

The military creates a set of unique challenges that most people don’t recognize. These invisible wounds can lead to isolation, addiction, and suicide. 


The Warrior’s Journey works to raise awareness and create preventative resources to help educate and prepare our warriors for their time in the military and beyond.

There are great organizations that help warriors with the physical wounds of combat, but often the invisible wounds go unrecognized and far too often lead to brokenness, addiction, and suicide. TWJ specializes in recognizing and addressing these invisible wounds.

TWJ worked with a data team at The Harvard School of Business and the United States Chaplain Corps at the Pentagon to identify the most common challenges faced by our warriors. Addressing these challenges before they become a crisis is key to prevention and ongoing resilience. These challenges represent physical, emotional, and spiritual questions. TWJ continues to create digital and physical resources to raise awareness and prevention across these challenges.

In 2022, TWJ provided presentations to 190,000 warriors and military leaders. Additionally, TWJ participated in 57 in-person events.


TWJ has built a team of veterans to provide real-time crisis intervention. Our individualized approach to intervention is always confidential and focused on navigating the available help and resources provided by our 70+ partner organizations.

A moment of crisis is not always on the battlefield. The stress of reintegration, the long-term effects of survivor guilt, and feelings of isolation, loss, and moral injury can surface at any time. TWJ provides 24-hour a day access to a connector available no matter the severity of the crisis. Our warriors deserve more than a hotline or governmental form. They deserve another warrior who has the experience and wisdom to be their personal advocate (battle buddy) through the process of healing. There are currently more than 37,000 veterans organizations in the US. No warrior should have to navigate those options alone.

The Warrior’s Journey has provided ongoing support to 5,121 warriors.