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About The Warrior’s Journey

Dawn Attack. Photo by Marines is licensed under CC By 2.0

The military creates a set of unique challenges that most people don’t understand. We built a team of veterans to triage and help them create a personal plan to navigate those challenges so they can experience strength and resilience.


The vision of The Warrior’s Journey is that every warrior and their family would live in wholeness and be equipped to navigate the issues of life.


The Warrior’s Journey is committed to supporting the whole life of warriors and their families. That includes the often overlooked spiritual questions of faith and morality. Through community, partnerships, and resources, TWJ is proud to bring cutting edge faith-based support to the conversation of military resilience.

As an Evangelical Christian organization, The Warrior’s Journey is honored to support warriors of every faith, gender, and background.


Network211, is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that was incorporated in 1997.

The vision of Network211 is to proclaim Christ to all people, build a global community of believers, and work with their partners in ministry. In 2008, they launched Project 10Million with the intent of presenting the Gospel, via the Internet, to ten million people worldwide in ten years. The Lord accomplished this goal in five years. Then, they expanded the dream and started Project 100Million.

The mission of Network211 is to use 21st-century technology to proclaim the 1st century Gospel by helping people discover and grow in their journey with God. “The Journey” includes five elements: search, present, connect, grow, and belong. Individuals from around the world search the Internet for answers to life’s dilemmas and find a Network121 site. Network211 presents Jesus Christ as the Answer. Viewers are encouraged to connect with them by writing and will receive a response within forty-eight hours. Network211 provides www.JourneyOnline.com so that viewers can grow in relationship the Lord. Network211 will then direct viewers to a local church where they can belong to a community of faith.

Network211 has presented the Gospel to over 32 million individuals in 242 countries and territories and in sixteen languages. Over 1.5 million of them made an evangelism response and over 272,000 wrote to begin a discipleship connection. Please visit www.Network211.com to learn more.


Network211 took the template of addressing the life issues of individuals on a global scale and applied it to an audience-specific community when it produced The Warrior’s Journey (TWJ). TWJ addresses issues that are unique to the military community and presents Jesus Christ as the One who will journey with them: Challenges, Core Values, and the various roles people have within this community. It provides the opportunity for warriors and their families to experience “The Journey” by addressing these areas and additionally offers “partners” who will help them belong to communities that exist to deal with their specific life issues.

Launched in October 2016, The Warrior’s Journey has touched the lives of individuals from 178 nations, as tracked by Google. The Warrior’s Journey is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations to The Warrior’s Journey are tax-deductible. The Warrior’s Journey is supported by our friends who are committed to our vision and mission.

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