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A community of warriors helping warriors find true resilience. No paperwork. No red tape. No bull.

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There are great organizations that help warriors with the physical wounds of combat, but often the invisible wounds go unrecognized. Healing invisible wounds is the key to real strength and resilience.

Recognizing the Challenges

The military creates a set of unique challenges that most people don’t recognize. These invisible wounds often lead to isolation, addiction, and suicide. The Warrior’s Journey provides warrior-to-warrior intervention and preventative resources to care for these invisible wounds.

Tell us about the challenge you’re facing.

We’ll connect you with another warrior by branch, role, rank, and gender.

They'll help you find the right resources and support.

How It Works

If you or a warrior you love is facing a crisis, we’re here to help. We respond within 24 hours and provide community support, resources, and referrals. Always warrior-to-warrior and 100% confidentially.

Always 100% Confidential

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Blake's Story

After deployments to Iraq, Blake came home with questions of purpose and suffering from moral injury. Blake explains how those invisible wounds nearly took his life. The Warrior's Journey not only helped him face those wounds but also helped him grow and strengthen his family.

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We are free because of the men and women who sacrifice to preserve that freedom. They bear the stress and pain so that we will not have to. They deserve our support and help.