Trust -Ready or Not


Conflicting Orders

Vulnerable is Not a Bad Word


Oh So Vulnerable


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Step of Commitment

Post Traumatic Stress

Antidote to PTSD and Depression: Be a Habitual Giver

Lack of Identity

Redo or Rebuild?

Respect Your Spouse-Your Name is Safe


Goodbye Cursing. Hello Words of Life.

Joseph and Mary—A Journey of Trust


God's Got You Covered


God's Inescapable Truth

An Apple a Day- Forbidden Fruit

Lack of Identity

Keep the Big Picture

Intimacy -More Than No Clothes


People Are Like Pianos

A New Family- Spiritual Union

Deep Loss

Swept Away From Evil, But Not By Evil

Made for Each Other- A Helper Fit for Adam

Adam and Eve— Alone to Intimate

Daniel -Prayer to the Rescue

Deep Loss

Not Just Another Pretty Face

Open the Thanksgiving Window

The Bod Pod- Being Good Stewards of Health

Transition is a Team Sport

Deep Loss

Great Loss Creates Greater Gains

Daniel—Tips for Personal Values and a Successful Transition

Post Traumatic Stress

Trauma and Post-Trauma Stress Effects