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Veterans and the Local Church

How Your Church can Reach and Serve Military Members, Veterans, and their Families

Whether challenges arise on the battlefield, at work, in the home (or all three), resiliency—physical, mental, social, and spiritual strength—is what keeps warriors and families moving forward during times of incredible personal trial. We believe spiritual strength is the core integrator of all components of resiliency. A spiritual strength anchored by faith in God. A living faith, providing unshakable hope and sense of purpose required to endure and prevail over any challenge.

Military Ministry Workshop

TWJ would love to host a Military Ministry Workshop at your church. We can help your staff and volunteers better understand the unique challenges veterans face and how your church can better service these individuals.

Honor Events

Honor Events are a great way to not only recognize the veterans in your community but can also be a way to engage the veterans in your local community. TWJ can help you plan the event and can offer resources to make your honor event truly impactful.

Intervention and Advocacy

The challenges veterans face can be complex and challenging. You don't have to be an expert. We can help your veterans get the help they deserve. If you have a warrior facing a crisis, contact TWJ and allow our team to help advocate for their needs.

How Can We Help Your Church?

We're committed to helping your church find ways to serve warriors and their families. If there is any way we can assist you or a warrior you know, please contact us.

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