Military Biblestick - The Warrior's Journey®

Military Biblestick

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Military Biblestick provides service members in some of the most dangerous places in the world with God's Word through Audio.

As the only item authorized to be worn while in uniform, the military Bible stick has been a valuable partner for our men and women on active duty, providing them a way to listen to scripture as they are able. It contains the entire Audio Drama New Testament and selected Psalms chosen specifically for “warriors,” yet it’s only about the size of a pack of chewing gum.

The Military BibleStick reaches service men and women, deployed in some of the most dangerous areas of the world, with God’s Word in audio — It can go with them and sustain them in even the most difficult circumstances. Designed to military specifications for safe and discreet use in low-light conditions, it features a matte black finish and red-light-only operation — and runs on a single AAA battery.