Connector Training - The Warrior's Journey®

Connector Training

1. Introduction

Why Connectors Matter

As a connector, your experience matters in helping build trust with warriors.

2. Conversations

How to Lead A Conversation

How do you lead a conversation with a warrior, and where are the boundaries of your responsibilities as a connector?

3. Meaning of Life

Four Critical topics

There are four key topics that can help facilitate deeper conversations. We call them the four food groups of the heart.

4. Story

Using Your Own Story

Your own story can be a powerful tool in connecting with another warrior. Learn how you can use your story.

5. Triage

Available Resources

TWJ depends on a network of vetted partner organizations. Learn how these partners can help resource the warriors you're working with.

6. Referrals

How to Make a Referral

You are not on your own as a connector. If you face a challenge you need help with, we can jump in and provide professional services.

7. Thank You

What to Expect

We want to walk you through the next steps and expectations for serving as a connector.


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Technical Training

Learn how to use our Echo system to respond to warriors.