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Working Together to Serve Our Warriors

The Warrior's Journey recognizes that success comes through key partnerships. No one organization can provide all the services our warriors need, but together we can meet every need. Each TWJ has been vetted and is recommended by our team.

Got Your Six Coffee

TWJ is proud to partner with Got Your Six Coffee to raise support for warriors. Got Your Six Coffee is a veteran-owned business dedicated to offering support and appreciation to our warriors and their families.


ProsperU is proud to partner with TWJ to provide financial literacy and education for our warrior community. Financial difficulty continues to be one of the challenges facing many warriors and their families. TWJ is committed to finding partners and resources to help warriors overcome this challenge.

National Center for Healthy Veterans

Returning Healthy Veterans to America

Ruck ‘N’ Run

Build camaraderie through shared experiences, interests, and accomplishments. Connect the community through common ground, collective goals, and a deep sense of belonging, tradition, and purpose. Below are links to our various services:

Movement Mortgage

The Warrior's Journey is proud to partner with Movement Mortgage to provide financial education and mortgage opportunities for warriors.

Banyan Treatment Centers

Banyan Treatment Center specialized in therapy for addiction and alcohol abuse for veterans and civilians. They're Faith in Recovery program is a faith-based path to healing.


CreatiVets’ goal is to offer opportunities for relief and healing for the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country through various forms of art, including songwriting, visual arts, music, and creative writing.

PJJR Ranch Corp. (The Veterans Ranch)

PJJR Ranch Corp, “the veterans ranch” was founded to assist Veterans through equine therapy and to raise funds for children who have lost loved ones in the line of duty.

HomeFront Heroes Ministries

Our Mission at Homefront Heroes Ministries is to encourage military wives to walk by faith, develop them spiritually, and equip them practically for life as a military wife.

The Faith Based Veteran Service Alliance

The Faith Based Veteran Service Alliance (FBVSA) is an Official White House Partner with a Mission to Empower the Military Community through an Alliance of Faith Based Programs.

Bishop and Hayes PC

They contribute heavily to our hosting of the annual TWJ Classic (our golf tournament). Additionally, they sponsor our Gold Star Scholarship.

Mighty Oaks

Mighty Oaks and The Warrior's Journey work hand and hand to minister and speak healing into the lives of Soldiers who are struggling. The Warrior's Journey identifies the needs of the Soldiers and acts as referral provider for recommending individuals who would benefit from the Mighty Oaks retreat programs.

REBOOT Combat Recovery

TWJ leans heavily on Reboot resources for the after-care of individuals coming home from deployment or returning from intensive retreat settings. Reboot small group studies are also used nationwide for healing and recovery in churches and para-church organizations.

Armed Services Ministry

As a part of the American Bible Association, Armed Services Ministry is the primary supplier for the Warriors Bible as well as many other military resources that we use to minister to Military members and their families worldwide.

Prym1 Camo

Defying all things traditional, Prym1 Camo® breaks away from the same old foliage features of sticks and leaves patterns, to bring to the market a series of game-changing versatile, non-directional 'camo' patterns. This isn’t today’s camouflage, it’s tomorrows and we are committed to helping the best brands in their industry realise this fact.

SOF Missions

In partnership with SOF missions TWJ has been able to edit and produce several small group study guides and related material. The Surrender Only to One series produced by SOF is a primary resource for group study.

Kaiserslautern Military Resiliency Center

As part of TWJ, the Kaiserslautern Military Resiliency Center (KMRC) is partnering with local ministries to bring health and healing to the physical and spiritual needs of the surrounding military community. KMRC is also the home of Rhema Café which is a place to come and find not only good coffee but help for the wounds that are invisible to most people.


Connect. Empower. Restore. That’s the simple plan of Relink.org to help tackle some of the complex issues our world faces. They believe that as barriers are eliminated to resources, they can empower individuals to engage lasting and meaningful life change that restores them to the community in healthy and productive ways.

American Warrior Association

The Mission of the American Warrior Association is to honor the military, veterans, first responders, and their families by preparing them in mind, body, and soul, for a life of purpose that contributes back to society. Their mission is to follow the intuitive american sense to serve, protect, and care for others and geometrically progress goodness into society. The American Warrior Association focuses on three areas of the individual: mind, body, and soul. By providing programs and support in each of these aspects of life, they are able to positively impact members of the military, veterans, and first responders, granting them greater success and happiness in life and in their communities.  

U.S. Army Chaplain Corps

To build Army spiritual readiness to deploy, fight, and win our Nation's wars, by providing reliable and relevant world-class religious support, as a unique element of the Army that is fully engaged across the full spectrum of conflict. The Army Chaplain Corps of 2029 will be ready to build Army spiritual readiness by caring for Soldiers, their Families, and Army Civilians, across the full spectrum of conflict. The Chaplain Corps will do this by being a world-class, fully integrated network of mutually supportive Army religious support professionals, who are known for their integral and critical contributions to enhancing the readiness of Soldiers of all ranks.

Department of Defense

The mission of the Department of Defense is to provide the military forces needed to deter war and to protect the security of our country. The mission of Defense.gov is to support the overall mission of the Department of Defense by providing official, timely and accurate information about defense policies, organizations, functions and operations. Defense.gov is the single, unified starting point for finding military information online.

Professional Golfers’ Association

PGA.com is the official online site for the PGA of America and the ultimate destination for all who love to watch, learn and play golf. Providing a complete look at the world of golf, everything from equipment to courses, top instruction to top travel tips, PGA.com uses the expertise of the 28,000 members of the PGA of America to help you enjoy the game all the more. PGA.com is also the home to some of the most important events in golf including the PGA Championship, the Senior PGA Championship, the PGA Grand Slam of Golf and the Ryder Cup. Our award-winning and record-breaking coverage of these events has set the standard for the digital golf experience.

Veterans Affairs

The mission of the VA is to fulfill President Lincoln's promise “To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan” by serving and honoring the men and women who are America’s veterans. The VA also strives to provide veterans the world-class benefits and services they have earned - and to do so by adhering to the highest standards of compassion, commitment, excellence, professionalism, integrity, accountability, and stewardship.

Bardin & Marsee Publishing

Imagine being able to take your bible with you and not worry about the climate or weather that may ruin it. This ability is especially important to our service members in areas with a hostile climate.