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Ukrainian Relief

The Warrior’s Journey is actively engaged to bring life-saving aid and assistance to the people of Ukraine.

We currently have a team on the ground working with partners in Germany, Poland, and Ukraine.

Our Work

Our teams primarily consist of Special Operations veterans. The reason our teams consist mainly of Special Operations veterans is because the austere environment. However, not all of the teams consist of people from those communities. There are three primary functions that our teams are tasked with providing:

  1. Delivering supplies to distribution points in Ukraine- As veterans, our team members have exposure to combat and the ability to move in an environment that may provide a level of risk that our non-veteran partners could find uncomfortable. We desire to ensure that Ukrainians, and those seeking refuge from war, can access the food, aid, and other supplies that our NGO partners in Poland have brought to the border.
  2. Administering emergency medical care to those in physical distress- Every team consists of at least one Physician, Physician’s Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse, or Paramedic. The level of care our teams can provide meets a higher standard of prehospital care. The ability of the team to be self-sustaining in a volatile environment, and care for those to whom they are serving, is necessary to meet the purpose of the mission.
  3. Rescuing and evacuating individuals in difficult-to-reach places- In a conflict environment, there are many reasons individuals may be in situations that they cannot, or believe they cannot, move from to find safety. Our team members have the desire, skill set, and ability to navigate hazards that may deter others from evacuating them to safety.

When IDPs (Internal Displaced People) make it across the border, there is a need for food, clothing, and shelter. Kaiserslautern Military Resiliency Center (KMRC), TWJ’s military service center in Kaiserslautern, Germany, has taken on the responsibility of transporting and arranging housing for the refugees we reach:

  1. Transporting refugees from the border to a safe location in Germany- We chartered buses that take donated goods to the Ukrainian border and return to Kaiserslautern with refugees. Also, we coordinated with local churches that can use their vehicles to do the same.
  2. Housing and caring for the refugees- Through our network of local churches, organizations, and US DoD personnel, KMRC can find accommodations and provide the essentials of life for those we can transport to Kaiserslautern. Our community of believers, and united network on the ground gives us the ability to assist our Ukrainian brothers and sisters.

The Need

For our teams to operate at a capacity that allows them to maximize their opportunities on the ground, and the freedom of movement, including the ability to accomplish their tasks, our beginning budget is $160,000. The primary costs of this proposal are as follows:

8 Team members (flight, lodging, and food), each estimated at $7,500 $60,000
Transportation costs and logistics $60,000
Communications equipment $10,000
Medical equipment $10,000
Miscellaneous equipment $10,000
Fuel $10,000
Total $160,000

Thank you in advance for your partnership. You can also send a check made payable to “The Warrior’s Journey” and mail it to 3003 E. Chestnut Expressway, Springfield, MO 65802. 100% of your donation will be used for this project.

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