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Some disturbing images have met our eyes, lately. Refugees, fleeing the Taliban, have been pouring into the airport. And so desperate are these people to escape, that they cling to the undercarriage and wheels of the large C-17 Globemaster transport jets as they move down the runway. Most distressing are the images of those who couldn’t hold on after takeoff and fell to their deaths.

Other images, however, are more reassuring, like those photos of the people who’ve made it onboard and have passage to a better life. Can you imagine the sense of relief a person would feel once they and their loved ones found a seat on the aircraft? Maybe it’s not a seat at all. Maybe it’s just a spot on the floor for you and your children. Would it matter to you if you’re not traveling first class? Wouldn’t you just be thankful for your little place on the floor?

Would it upset you if there’s turbulence? Would you complain about the noise of the engines? Would it bother you if had to share a bottle of water with someone else because there weren’t enough bottles to go around when the crew distributed them?

I don’t think so. If you were one of those desperate, but lucky refugees, you’d bow your head, fold your hands, and thank God that you are now saved. As long as you escape the hands of the bloodthirsty Taliban, you could endure anything, right?

And shouldn’t believers in Jesus Christ rejoice and thank God every day for their salvation. To know that they have a place on the Ark of Salvation, safe from the terrifying waters of the flood. In faith they can boast, “Let the rains pour down. Let tsunamis sweep the continents. The flood waters will only lift my ark above the doomed planet and carry me to a new world.”

Our attitude should be the same. “Thank You, Jesus that you have borne my sins upon the cross. Thank You, Lord, that You have already suffered God’s judgments in my place and absorbed the full fury of God’s wrath for me. So, now the Day of Judgment is forever behind me. Thank You, Jesus that my name is written in heaven. And when I die or when Jesus comes, I will be expected in heaven.  Much more, I’ll be joyfully welcomed and celebrated. Therefore, Lord, do whatever is necessary to prepare me for that day. Send along trials, tribulation, and whatever other adversity is essential for my growth. No matter how rough the journey gets, it’s a journey that brings me safely to You.”

Now, if the saved refugee should have any concern, shouldn’t it be for those he or she has left behind. Yes, and since their own seats are safe and secure, shouldn’t they do all that’s necessary to bring as many other doomed refugees onboard the plane. Now that we know where the source of food is, shouldn’t we tell the starving where to find it?

We’re just like those four condemned lepers who fled the starving city of Samaria and stumbled into the abandoned camp of the Syrians (2 Kings 7:3-15). There they found a vast store of food and wealth which could easily save the city of Samaria. And though they first gave no thought about the starving people in the city, they soon came to this realization. “We are not doing right,” they said. “This is a day of good news, but we are keeping silent. If we wait until morning light, punishment will overtake us. Now, therefore, let us go and tell the king’s household” (2 Kings 7:9).

It’s the same for us. This is a day of good news. There’s plenty of seats aboard God’s great transport. There’s unlimited seating aboard the Ark of Salvation. So, let’s bring those refugees to salvation.


PRAYER:  Dear Lord Jesus, please open my eyes to see the full blessings of Your salvation and the joys that await me in heaven, so that no matter what discomfort I suffer on the journey, I will always give you thanks. If my heart if burdened, O Lord, let it be heavy for those who do not yet know You. And help me to devote my remaining days on earth to their salvation. May I not merely be content to have a seat on Your transport. But let me be passionate about filling every seat available. Please, dear Lord, make me an instrument of Your salvation. Amen.


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