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Don’t Let Apathy And Laziness Determine Your Eternal Destiny

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Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku said, “The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connected to 10,000 other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe.”  This has been echoed by scientists in multiple disciplines, including Sir Robin Murray (one of the UK’s leading psychiatrists) and Isaac Asimov (Professor of biochemistry and prolific author).

In contrast to the human brain’s speed and power are human-built computers. A recent study from Nagoya University explained the deficiencies of today’s computers compared to the human brain. It stated that “existing computer architectures are subjected to complex data, limiting their processing speed. The human brain, on the other hand, can process highly complex data, such as images, with high efficiency.”

How does the brain work so much faster than the fastest computers? Much of it has to do with the “synaptic plasticity” of the human brain’s synapses. A synapsis in the brain is the neural link between one neuron and a neighboring neuron. Synaptic plasticity refers to the ability of these neural links to instantly adjust to massive increases of transmitted information from neuron to neuron.

Therefore, a research team at Nagoya University has set out to mimic this “synaptic plasticity” by developing something called “photomemristors.”  These are light-controlled electronic memory devices (composed of graphene and diamond) that perform a similar function as do the neural links in the brain. This attempt to mimic the synaptic plasticity of the human brain has already resulted in a 300% increase in processing speed using photomemristors. It appears that future generations of computers will be patterned more and more on something we take for granted and seldom appreciate.

I hate to keep harping on the same message so much, but it’s an inescapable fact. Advanced technologies exist everywhere in nature. Scientists acknowledge this daily, every time they study these technologies and then try to reverse-engineer or mimic them. The most mind-boggling of these advanced technologies is right between our ears – that “most complex arrangement of matter in the known universe.”  A recent study indicated that the human brain operates about 30 times faster than the best supercomputers.

Yet, most of society lives with the notion that this complex arrangement of matter assembled itself by undirected and unintelligent processes. They believe this, of course, on pure faith, against all logic and reason. No experiment has ever demonstrated that complex and ordered machines can assemble themselves in the absence of intelligent effort.

And, to be honest, nobody ever puts this insane idea into practice. Who leaves the planning of their career up to random-chance processes? What business, organization, or military unit operates on the concept that “everything will just work out”? What has “letting nature take its course” ever achieved in society, but total chaos?

Society believes this nonsense because they’ve been conditioned to do so. People have been so indoctrinated with the dogma of evolution that they’ve ceased to think for themselves. Truthfully, many people are simply too apathetic – and too mentally lazy. Evolution is a doctrine of convenience. It, supposedly, excuses us from responsibility and accountability to God. It helps us sleep at night, rather than face the harsh reality that there is a God to whom we owe our life and breath – and to whom we will answer for our conduct when we pass from this life into the next.

Don’t be so apathetic and lazy not to think this through. Acknowledge the most obvious reality. If all the centuries of our scientific research and development still fall short of matching the technologies which abound in nature, then there must be a God. There must be an infinitely intelligent Creator who designed and created all living things.

The Bible has been telling us this for thousands of years. But the Bible also shares some very good news about God – that He loves us and has made every provision for our redemption and eternal salvation (John 3:16-17). God placed upon Jesus His Son all our sins, offences, and guilt and punished Him in our place (Romans 3:24-26). And if we embrace Jesus by faith, we will be forgiven and reconciled to God and become His dear children (John 1:12-13; 1 John 3:1-2). When we face God at the end of life, we’ll be welcomed into heaven instead of banished to hell.

PRAYER:  Dear Father in heaven, please awaken my conscience and arouse me from my stupor. Help me to wake up to the reality of Your existence, to the shock of my own guilt, and to the good news that Your Son has suffered all my punishment so that I may enjoy Your love and have the assurance of eternal life in heaven. I now open the door of my heart to You, Jesus, and embrace You as my Savior and Lord. Save me, O Christ, I pray. Amen.

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