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Leadership in the Home

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“An angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream. ‘Get up,’ he said, ‘take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt. Stay there until I tell you.’” (Matthew 2:13)

Like most men today, Joseph is often viewed as mere “background.” We consider him insignificant and non-essential. The real players in the Nativity narrative are “the Child and His mother.” Joseph is only there to be – well, background. He plays no role.

That’s not how the Bible tells it. In the narrative, God gives all guidance to the Holy Family through one member – Joseph. In Matthew 1:21-22, it is Joseph to whom the angel of the Lord speaks about the true nature of Mary’s pregnancy, the name he is to give the child, and His divine mission on earth. Then, here in Matthew 2, it’s Joseph whom God commands to flee to Egypt with the child and His mother (v.13), then to return to Israel (v.20), and finally to move from Judea to Galilee (v.22). Clearly, God viewed Joseph as the head, spiritual leader, and protector of this all-important family.

The American male is the great untapped resource that can restore our families. But the steady drone of feminism and the government’s continual intrusion as surrogate husband and father have conspired to push men to the fringes of society. And it’s killing us as a nation.

Men are not useless appendages. They’re not simply “background.” They are the bulwark of the family. Without a father in the home girls are far more prone to promiscuity and drug abuse and boys are plagued with sexual identity issues. God has designed men to be the head of the home and the spiritual leader of the family (Ephesians 5:22-6:4). Parenting is not a one-person job. While we applaud those single parents who manage it successfully, theirs is far from an ideal situation. Both mom and dad are essential.

If you are a husband and father, then recognize that God has designed you for leadership. Recognize that He has called you to pray for your family. He expects you to turn off the TV and to lead your family in Bible reading and prayer. He requires that you bring your family to worship services and faith-building programs. Don’t look to society for guidance, approval, or validation. Society is seriously screwed up. Look to God who chose your gender and dictates what your role should be.


If God designed the family and wrote its instruction book, to whom should we look for guidance on keeping it healthy?

If the traditional-family model has worked for thousands of years, faithfully producing healthy generations, is it wise to tamper with it?

God is the information expert on the family. Diverge from His guidance and pain will result. Adhere to His guidance and the family will function properly.

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