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The Warrior’s Prayer Week 22

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Dear Heavenly Father,

Help me understand my emotional self.  Let me faithfully take careful note of my emotional well-being.  Alert me, when I am out of touch, when I am unreasonable, or uncooperative, or non-compliant.  Be my advisor, when I let pride, or bitterness, or fear rule my character. Then, bring me back to a spiritually mature perspective.  Do not let me languish in self-pity or anger, when I think I have been wronged. Rather give me a godly, perspective, so I can self-advocate, and can reasonably see another’s viewpoint.  Give me the courage to see what others view that is troubling, not dismissing, or neglecting their concern.

Then Lord, give me extraordinary courage to address issues that I have ignored.  Help me to be honest with myself, noting areas that I need to face that have caused pain or heartache.  Then walk with me, as I make amends for past wrongs, or present shortcomings. Do not allow me to hide or ignore hurts that I have caused others.  Give me a measure of humility, letting those I’ve hurt, know I want to sincerely make right, what I made wrong. Do not let me hide from the pain I’ve caused.  Let those I have hurt see the character of Jesus Christ in me. I pray this in Jesus’ precious, and holy name. Amen

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