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Virginia Guard chaplain support teams support military personnel in Louisiana. Photo by Coast Guard is licensed under CC By 2.0

They demolished the sacred stone of Baal and tore down the temple of Baal, and people have used it for a latrine to this day (2 Kings 10:27).

The Old Testament contains many examples of God punishing both individuals and nations for worshiping false gods and idols. Understandably, the Lord held kings especially accountable. In this particular case, Jehu was a king of Israel who followed God and did his best to destroy idol worship.

There is no evidence today that the Lord has changed his mind about idols and false worship.  Although the worship of Baal may seem foreign to many Americans today, we have other idols in our midst. As the Captain of Our Salvation, the Lord insists that we worship Him and Him alone.

In today’s culture, it’s easy to allow substitutes to steal our worship. God alone is worthy.

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