The Warrior’s Prayer Week 17 - The Warrior's Journey®

The Warrior’s Prayer Week 17

Author: Nathan Werner,

. Photo by is licensed under CC By 2.0

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your goodness to me.  When I deserved justice, you gave me mercy.  When I was a rebel, you pursued me. When I was perverse, you tracked me down (Psalm 23:6).  You did not let me remain ignorant to your call, you persisted in getting my attention. Thank you for overcoming my shortsightedness, assuring me that you were a safe place to land.  Then you confirmed your goodness, not through punishing me, rather by challenging me to a higher calling. It is a call to a more fascinating future than I could have imagined. You did not let me languish, but prompted me, albeit with challenges – since you had to get my attention.

Now Father may your glory be my story.  Like David, help me: …teach transgressors your ways… Let your perspective be my desire, and not a duty. I don’t wish to grudgingly follow your directing, rather I want you to race with me, helping me keep up with you.  Let it be a race to satisfaction. Let your goals be mine. Let your vision be my vision. Let your pursuit of others be my pursuit – use me as your tool to reach them. Give me the confidence, in you, to trust you with my future.  It will be an adventure, pursuing others, so they can experience the glory of Heaven. Thanks for enlisting me. I pray this in Jesus’ precious name and for his delight. Amen

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