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Live at National Chaplains Conference – Featuring “Indivisible” Film

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Episode 25: In the next few episodes, Kevin Weaver (CEO of The Warriors Journey) sits down at the National Chaplains Conference to interview some of the nations chaplains about their experiences and ways people can help our warriors moving forward.

In Episode 25, we’re talking with Matt Dickerson the Director of Engagement with Catalyst Resource Group in our partnership with a new film releasing this Fall from Sony/Provident called “Indivisible” 

There’s no doubt why we’re partnering with this film as it’s got a military based story line and is all about the issues that we discuss with The Warriors Journey on a consistent basis… but during this Chaplains conference we were able to screen the film with a room full of military and local emergency service chaplains to get their take and response on the film.

This is an exciting interview you won’t want to miss, and you definitely will not want to miss the film coming soon!

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