Episode 151 • Movement Mortgage - The Warrior's Journey®

Episode 151 • Movement Mortgage

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Movement Mortgage was created to be different. Founded in 2008, amidst one of the biggest financial meltdowns in American history, Movement set forth on a mission to create a Movement of Change in the mortage industry, in corporate cultures and in communities. For Movement, it all comes back to the mission: to love and value people in everything they do.

In this episode, Movement Mortgage Loan Officer Dallas Tarleton unpacks what sets Movement apart in the mortgage industry, and how they come alongside to uniquely equip those in the military community as they navigate the often-stressful homebuying landscape.

To learn more about Movement, visit https://movement.com, and to connect with Dallas directly, visit https://lo.movement.com/dallas-tarleton/home.

Find more information online at https://www.thewarriorsjourney.org/podcast

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