Episode 147 • Faith, Family and Fighter Jets (Part 2) - The Warrior's Journey®

Episode 147 • Faith, Family and Fighter Jets (Part 2)

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Picking up where we left off on The Warrior’s Journey podcast, Colonel Todd “Riddler” Riddle continues unpacking his new book – Faith, Family and Fighter Jets: How to Live Life to the Full with Grit and Grace. Riddle’s first person recollections of pulling the trigger on a GAU-8 Avenger 30mm canon on an A-10, firing Maverick missiles, using Night Vision Goggles, or laughably failing while coaching children’s sports draw readers toward discovering an authentic and practical faith—one that opens the hearts of believers and those seeking to invite the greater presence of Christ across the key dimensions of their lives. Each chapter of Faith, Family and Fighter Jets concludes with key Thunderbolt takeaways for consideration and life application. His experiences convey lessons of faith and leadership forged from a life of military service in harm’s way; a missional life calling where the stakes of success and failure are at the highest possible levels.

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