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Are you tired of doing the same old job year after year? Do you sense the need for a change in your life? Feel like embarking on a new adventure instead of working in the same old rut? Then consider how the owners of these old businesses must feel. All of these businesses started long ago and are still in operation today. 

La Hacienda los Lingues was founded in San Fernando, Chile in 1575 to raise cavalry horses. Glass maker Von Porsching Manufaktur in Germany started way back in 1568. John Brooke & Sons Holdings of the UK has since diversified its operations from strictly making military uniforms, but it’s been in business since 1541.   

William Prym GmbH began in 1530 making clothing rivets, fasteners, and needles for clothing and more recently has added microelectronics to its list of products. The Hotel Pilgrim Haus (Soest, Germany) is a family run business that began way back in 1304.   Barovier & Toso are glass makers who started their business in 1295.   

The Fonderia Pontifica Marinellis  (Agnone, Italy) manufactures church bells and has been doing so since AD 1000. Kongo Gumi (Osaka, Japan) is a general construction and building repair (mostly for Buddhist temples) contractor that has been in continuous business since AD 578.i 

If we are doing something well, something that is necessary and beneficial to others, then why stop it? All of these businesses continued to meet the needs of others for hundreds of years. Yet none of them sought to branch out, merge, takeover other companies, or build empires. They measured their success by how useful they could be to their communities. And their vast longevity attests to their success.   

In the same way we should not base our success on how high we climb or how big an empire we build. If our work meets a need in peoples’ lives, benefits others, and we do it faithfully – then we should count ourselves successful. At the end of the age, believers will only yearn to hear from Jesus, “Well, done, good and faithful servant. Come and share the joy of Your Master” (Matthew 25:21) 


PRAYER: Dear Father in Heaven, help me to understand the true measure of success and help me to be successful and pleasing in Your eyes. Amen. 

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