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The Bank of Heaven

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The Bank of Heaven


The Bank of Heaven will never fail. That’s something to ponder, since the FDIC closed 465 banks during the financial crisis from 2008-2012, leading to catastrophic loss. Since then, things have tamed down a bit. But in subsequent times, only one year has passed in America without a bank failure – that was 2018. But the Bank of Heaven is one financial institution that will never suffer loss. This bank is invulnerable to robbers and devoid of any clerical error. It is the safest and securest institution in which to store and invest your wealth. 

And the Bank of Heaven pays phenomenal interest on all deposits (Proverbs 19:17). This means that anything you invest will be multiplied many times over. This was guaranteed by none other than Jesus Christ Himself (Luke 6:38). And it’s not just money you can invest. Time, service, prayers, labors, and anything else that is shared with those in need or given in support of God’s kingdom are accepted for deposit into the Bank of Heaven (Matthew 25:31-46). 

The Bank of Heaven is unique among all financial institutions. It specializes in a service that no other bank can offer. It’s the only financial institution that allows you to “take it with you” when you die. That’s right. It transfers the wealth of this life into the world to come and stores it there safely until you arrive to claim it (Matthew 6:19-21). In contrast, all other banks hold back your wealth when you are forced to journey into eternity. All other banks send you into eternity destitute to stand naked before your Creator and Judge. 

But this Bank of Heaven goes far beyond merely transferring all wealth and selfless service from this life into the world to come. The Bank of Heaven “glorifies” it. This means that it takes anything with an expiration date or a limited lifespan, and makes it everlasting. When our fleeting time is invested into the Bank of Heaven it turns eternal. When our corruptible wealth and possessions are given to the Lord’s service, they become incorruptible in the Bank of Heaven. When things of limited significance are deposited in this bank, they take on infinite significance. 

Why would anyone not want to invest in this bank? How can you become a member? How can you make deposits? Well, to become a depositor in the Bank of Heaven you must begin by trusting in God’s Son, Jesus Christ, to save you and deposit yourself into His hands. This act of faith cleanses you from all sin and deletes all offenses and derogatory information from Heaven’s records. Trusting in Jesus Christ brings you into a personal relationship with the Bank President, God Himself. Yes, the President of the Bank of Heaven knows every depositor on a first name basis – it’s a requirement for membership.  

And God is the friendliest and most benevolent bank president in the universe. In fact, He values us infinitely more than all our deposits and He so yearns for our company that He hopes to see us every day. 

Though the Bank of Heaven’s main office is in eternity, it has countless branches throughout this world. In fact, every opportunity to show mercy to others, to help those in need, to share Christ’s Gospel, and to support His Church constitutes a “branch” of this bank. And when we show mercy, when we share our goods with those who have nothing, and when we give to the Lord’s work, we deposit something of ourselves in Heaven’s Bank. 

So, don’t be a hoarder, be a giver. And to give wisely, give to God, His children, and to His work. Then your giving will count for all eternity. And you will be setting your thoughts and affections increasingly on heaven, where Jesus reigns (Colossians 3:1-5). But begin by giving yourself to Jesus and trusting in His atonement and omnipotent power to save you. 


PRAYER:  Dear Lord Jesus, into Your loving, capable, and almighty hands I deposit myself and trust in Your sacrifice to cleanse and save me. Teach me the wisdom of investing in the Bank of Heaven, so that I will make all my time and possessions endure for all eternity. Amen. 


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