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Hardship of Separation

The Home Breakers

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The Home Breakers

Japan calls them Wakaresaseya, literally meaning, “breaker-uppers.” Spouses, boyfriends, and girlfriends hire them to convince their partners to dissolve their relationships. If a wife loses interest in her husband or a guy becomes interested in another woman, they have the option of paying a fee for a professional to break up the marriage or relationship. These Wakaresaseya professionals use an assortment of techniques to destroy relationships. Sometimes they employ intimidation, sometimes seduction, and sometimes entrapment. The Wakaresaseya have many weapons in their arsenal to convince the faithful partner to “let go.” And the fees people pay for this diabolical work may range from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands – especially for high profile relationships. 

Does this sound creepy? Most people in Japan think so, too. But the Wakaresaseya business is thriving there. And these professionals defend themselves by claiming that they do not do their work indiscriminately. They thoughtfully review a prospective case and the motives behind it before agreeing to shatter another relationship.   

Personally, I cannot understand why we need such a creepy business when we already have Satan and all his demons. The devil and his angels will gladly to this work among us. They’ll be happy to sow discord, hatred, and fear between loving and caring people for the sheer pleasure of causing them pain and heartache. These true enemies of ours, who prefer to work behind the scenes, enjoy every minute of promoting division among us. They love to poison our minds so that we’ll envy, fear, and hate one another.   

Plus, Satan offers the added bonus of giving us the lamest excuses so we can justify our hatred and murder. “She’s holding you back. If she really loved you, she’d want you to be happy and she’d set you free.”  “He’s a dull and boring jerk. You deserve better than him. You’re worth it.” “You’re a victim of their racism. They’re only rich because they’ve robbed from others like you.” “Nothing good comes from that ethnicity, only violence and crime.” “There’s a vast, well-coordinated conspiracy against you. Arm yourself with weapons and food supplies for the coming civil war.”   

Oh yeah. Somebody tells the people of Japan that they’re wasting their money on the Wakaresaseya. Satan does a far better job – and there’s no effective counter-weapon against his schemes.   

Well, I mean there’s no effective counter-weapon unless a couple, a people, or a nation is willing to invite God into the picture. You see, God alone has the power to soften and melt the human heart. He alone has the power to calm the raging storm within us, remove the hatred, and replace it with His love.   

Yes, couples who’ve had file cabinets full of grievances against each other have had their love renewed and their grievances deleted by God’s power. Life-long bigots and racists have had their fear and hatred drowned by God’s love and been transformed into instruments of Christ’s peace and healing.   

Friend, this is no false claim. The late great pastor and Chaplain to the U.S. Senate, Lloyd Ogilvie, used to routinely counsel couples who were in the last stages of dying marriages. These were couples whom judges had ordered to go to counseling as a prerequisite before finalizing their divorce decree. Therefore, there was little hope for any reconciliation. But Pastor Ogilvie would only counsel them if they agreed to do some mandatory homework. He required them to, for one week, sit together for thirty minutes, read a passage from the Bible, hold hands, and then pray for each other. 

The effect of this simple practice was profound. From all his years of counseling such hopeless marriages, Ogilvie made a startling claim.  Every couple that followed through with their assigned homework stopped divorce proceedings and reconciled with each other. Every single one! By simply humbling themselves before God and praying for their spouse, their hearts were transformed by God’s power. 

The devil, Jesus said, comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. But Jesus came that we might have life and live abundantly (John 10:10).  What God did in the hearts of so many couples who sought for His help, He can also do in nations. He can mend our every division and heal our wounded hearts. 


PRAYER: Dear Father in Heaven, please deliver us from the power of darkness. Set us free from the lies of the devil and remove his blindness from our hearts. Expose to our minds the common enemy who seeks our destruction and derives pleasure from our pain. Open our eyes to Your Son who loves us and died for our redemption and eternal salvation.  Drown our fears in Your perfect love, O God, and save us for Jesus’ sake. Amen. 


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