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Family Brokenness

The Home Front

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Military life can be tough on families. Between deployments, frequent moves, living on bases, and making commissary groceries last until the next paycheck, there are plenty of challenges. No one knows that better than a military wife.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1, NKJV).

While her husband tries to keep the peace in distant and dangerous locations around the world, she courageously maintains the home front—putting cranky toddlers to bed, breaking up sibling arguments, and teaching teens to drive. There are occasional visits to the emergency room, conferences with teachers, and countless errands associated with running a household- all done without the help of her husband. She manages it all like a single mom. And she still finds time to send letters, prayers, and encouragement to her husband.

She once had career ambitions, but she put those on hold long ago. She wonders now whether they’ll ever be realized. After all, moving up the professional ladder while relocating every few years is nearly impossible. On her worst days, she feels alone, overwhelmed, and even invisible. The demands pull at her from every direction.

She misses her husband and worries about his safety. She juggles childcare, financial responsibilities, and countless other duties and concerns. There are moments when she briefly considers waving the white flag of surrender. Yet she stands her ground and marches on in faith and steadfast determination.

Does any of this sound familiar? Perhaps you are a military wife. Or maybe you are married to one. Don’t underestimate the importance of this role. It may not seem profound or exciting, but Christian military wives—and husbands—have the potential to support their nation, shape the future, influence the fabric of society, and invest in eternity. They have a unique opportunity to depend on God and learn His lessons of character, integrity, resilience, and love.

Whatever challenges you face, you don’t have to go through them alone. God wants to walk beside you, strengthen you, and guide you. He has a wonderful plan for you and your family, both now and in the future. Seek the Lord in prayer. Ask Him to make you the kind of spouse, parent, and Christ follower He has called you to be.


The content of this article comes from “The Warrior’s Bible” (2014) and is copyrighted by Life Publishers International. Used with permission.

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