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What is Christ to Us?

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What is Christ to Us?

In 1963, the United States Post Office (which became the United States Postal Service in 1971) introduced a 5-digit Zip Code system to speed up mail delivery. However, this system lengthened mailing addresses, creating more work and less space on address labels.  To counteract this, the Post Office also developed standardized 2-character abbreviations for states. States with long names (e.g. Massachusetts, Mississippi, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire) could be shortened to just two letters (e.g. MA, MS, CT, PA, and NH respectively). However, states with much smaller names (e.g. Iowa, Utah, and Ohio) benefited far less from these abbreviations (e.g. IA, UT, and OH respectively). In fact, prior to 1963 Ohio’s abbreviation was simply “O.” – shorter than its “improved” abbreviation. States that bear the burden of a long name benefited much. States that have the lighter load of a small name benefited little from the new abbreviations. 

This reminds me of how people benefit differently from their relationship with God – depending on the burdens they carry. To the person who carries heavy burdens of responsibility, Christ is a burden bearer because He helps people carry their load and gives them rest. To the person whose load is light and who shirks responsibility Christ is a Master who calls him to take His yoke and serve others (Matthew 11:28-30).    

If you groan under the weight of heavy burdens, remember that Christ wants to help you bear your load and give you rest. But if you’re footloose and fancy free, Christ calls you to put on His yoke, face your responsibilities, and serve Him.   


PRAYER: Dear Lord, into Your loving hands I place my life. When my heart is burdened with worries, help me to cast my cares upon You. When I agonize under the weight of my sins, help me to trust Your forgiveness. When I am at ease while others around me slave and toil, help me to wake up, get up, and get working. I ask this in Christ’s name. Amen. 

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