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When Icebergs Crumble

Author: David Causey, USA (Ret.)

Naval scientists explore glacier. Photo by The U.S. Navy is licensed under CC By 2.0

What happens when an eleven million-ton iceberg, 650 feet wide and 300 feet tall rolls into the harbor of a fishing village? You get a great photo-op? A dramatic change of scenery? A lifetime supply of ice and fresh water?

Maybe so, but for the 170 residents of Innaarsuit, Greenland, an iceberg of this magnitude can bring total destruction.

How can a huge iceberg in the sea threaten a village on the ground? Well, consider that icebergs are riddled with fractures. And in the summer huge chunks of an iceberg will break away. But it’s not the iceberg itself that poses the danger. It’s the massive wave that a towering iceberg can generate when it crumbles into the water. Such a wave can obliterate any seaside village.

The Coast Guard evacuated the town’s inhabitants. Officials are hoping that the new moon will bring a flood tide and move the icy titan out of killing range from the village.

Think About It

America has many enemies, who would love to see this nation crumble. Many of those enemies are within America’s own borders who foster divisions and spread hatred and class warfare. They’d love to see America as full of fractures as a huge iceberg is strewn with them.

But can you imagine the economic upheaval and geo-political destabilization in the world if America suddenly collapsed? Instead of benefitting from America’s destruction, many nations would be swept away in a tidal wave of economic collapse. Others would fall victim to aggressive neighbors who would no longer fear American intervention.

Like or not, the world has a monstrous iceberg in its harbor—the United States of America. And that iceberg cannot crumble without bringing destruction to many nations dependent upon its economy and protection. America will remain a benevolent force in the world as long as it remains strong, morally straight, and spiritually sound. A strong and straight America is a threat to no one except to tyrants and totalitarian regimes.

Help America

So pray for America. Work to preserve its unity and wellbeing. It’s not selfish to work for the peace and good of America or to pray to God on its behalf. A strong and righteous America can only benefit the world and keep evil aggressors in check.

When God sent the idolatrous Israelites into exile in Babylon, they yearned for the quick destruction of that city so they could return to Jerusalem. But the prophet Jeremiah ordered the exiles to build a life for themselves in Babylon. He told them to seek the welfare and peace of that pagan city—and to pray to the Lord on its behalf. For, Jeremiah explained, “if it prospers, you will prosper” (Jer. 29:4–7). It is the same with America. In its peace, welfare, and prosperity, the world will also be a safer and more prosperous place as well.


And please don’t fall for the nonsense that it’s “fascist” to be patriotic, though many today in our popular culture confuse the terms. Patriotism refers to loving and seeking the wellbeing of one’s homeland. Fascism promotes a militaristic state, led by a dictator, which deprives people of their rights and forcefully suppresses all dissent.

If anything it is our popular culture that suppresses all dissent and free thinking. It’s our popular culture that wages war on the rights of the unborn and on the constitutional rights of free speech and the free exercise of religion.

So pray for God to bless America with a great spiritual awakening, with revival, and with godly and righteous leadership. Jesus told us to pray, “May Your kingdom come, may Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:10). Let’s pray this for our nation.


Dear Father in heaven, we beseech You according to Your great mercy that You would bless the United States of America. Bless us, O God, with an outpouring of Your Holy Spirit. By Your Spirit Divine breathe a revival in the hearts of all Americans. Create a hunger in our hearts for the gospel and for Jesus Christ Your Son. Make us hungry and thirsty for righteousness, but abhorrent toward sin and perversion. Turn the hearts of Americans everywhere to You, O God, in faith and repentance and to each other in love and reconciliation. Raise up men and women of God to lead our nation on the path of righteousness. Raise America to true greatness and make her Your instrument of peace, truth, and justice throughout the world. Amen.

Information from: https://weather.com/news/news/2018-07-15-greenland-massive-iceberg-innaarsuit
In article photo: Honor Guard by DVIDSHUB licensed under CC BY 2.0

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