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Episode 117 • From PTSD to Purpose (feat. Chad Robichaux)

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Chad Robichaux (USMC, Ret) knows a thing or two about fighting. From jiu-jitsu mats to the battlefields of Afghanistan, Chad achieved incredible success as a Marine and MMA fighter. Despite all the fame and acclaim, it wasn’t until reaching the end of his rope battling PTSD and a broken marriage that he found wholeness and purpose – not in fighting, but in surrender. Now, he has dedicated his life to help others do the same, and vulnerably shares his powerful testimony in a conversation with Kevin Weaver of The Warrior’s Journey.

Chad is a former Force Recon Marine and DoD Contractor with eight deployments to Afghanistan as part of a Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) Task Force. After overcoming his personal battles with PTSD and nearly becoming a veteran suicide statistic, Chad founded the Mighty Oaks Foundation, serving the active duty and military veteran communities with highly successful faith-based combat trauma and resiliency programs.

Chad is also a 3rd degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and former Professional Mixed Martial Arts Champion having competed at the highest levels of the sport, and now a bestselling author of six books related to veteran care donating over 100,000 copies to the troops during his resiliency speaking tours. He is married to his wife Kathy of 25 years, and they have a daughter and two sons. Hunter and Hayden are both 3rd generation Marines in the Robichaux family and share Chad’s passion as lifelong martial artists.

Visit https://www.mightyoaksprograms.org to find out more about Chad’s non-profit, the Mighty Oaks Foundation.

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