Episode 118 • Soul Survivor - The Warrior's Journey®

Episode 118 • Soul Survivor

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What started as a routine assignment for Lt. Col. Rick Wolf (USMC, Ret), leading a Wounded Warrior Detachment, eventually became the spark that ignited Soul Survivor Outdoor.

When Rick arrived as the Officer in Charge of the Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Detachment at Marine Corps Base Twentynine Palms, it was evident that there was more going on with the Marines assigned to the unit than the physical and emotional wounds of war. The Marines of the detachment had both emotional and physical wounds from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, medical and psychological care alone was not fully addressing the damage to their souls.

That is how Soul Survivor Outdoor – an organization that exists to serve active duty military through outdoor adventure and a relationship with Jesus Christ – was born.

In this episode, Rick shares about his personal military experience and tells the story of Soul Survivor Outdoor, which began in 2014 as an outdoor wilderness program for the Marines of the Detachment and conducted an event in Joshua Tree National Park. Events focus on building or re-building a solid life foundation, gave military service members a chance to relax and let their guard down, unpack the stress of daily life, refresh their spirit, clear their minds, re-build confidence in self and others, and ultimately provided an opportunity to restore their souls. Today, these events take place in various locations with an incredible reach and impact.

To support or find out more about Soul Survivor Outdoor, visit https://www.soulsurvivoroutdoor.org.

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