Episode 119 • Healing Heroes - The Warrior's Journey®

Episode 119 • Healing Heroes

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A clinical psychologist who is both a combat veteran and a former first responder himself, Lt Col David Tharp (USAF) has recognized that PTSD and suicide are two of the most challenging issues facing our veterans and first responders today – and he’s doing something about it. Through his own experiences and clinical work, he founded Project Healing Heroes in 2016 to facilitate resiliency and reintegration for other combat veterans, service members, first responders, and their family members as they serve our nation both at home and abroad.

Dr. Tharp served as the PTSD Program Manager at the VA Medical Center in Waco, TX, the third largest PTSD program in the country for the Department of Veterans Affairs. He is also a Lt Col in the Air Force Reserves at the United States Air Force Academy and experienced firsthand the cost of war on our military men and women – and their families – after serving as a NATO Medical Advisor in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Listen in as he shares his personal story and the mission of Project Healing Heroes, and see how you can get involved by visiting https://www.projecthealingheroes.org/.

Find more information online at https://www.thewarriorsjourney.org/podcast

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