Episode 121 • TWJ Partner Highlight: Hurts Donut - The Warrior's Journey®

Episode 121 • TWJ Partner Highlight: Hurts Donut

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From pursuing a life of military service – first in the Marine Corps, and then the Army – to co-founding an extremely successful franchise all about the “the relentless pursuit of really, really, really freaking good donuts”, Tim Clegg’s life has been marked by laying it all on the line. 

In this episode, Tim joins the podcast to share his personal story of military service through two branches, a life-changing medical diagnosis, and how he and his wife came to found Hurts Donut, a fast-growing donut company now in 11 states with 25 locations and counting.

In addition to creating incredible, off-the-wall donuts, Hurts Donut is committed to making a difference, partnering with charities and organizations all of the world, including The Warrior’s Journey.

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