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Episode 128 • Ruck ‘N’ Run

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Ruck ‘N’ Run was born out of a desire to honor those who have served by refocusing the over-commercialization of U.S. military observances, build camaraderie through shared experiences, interests, and accomplishments, and connect the community through common ground, collective goals, and a deep sense of belonging, tradition, and purpose. As a boot camp inspired walk/run that honors Veterans and connects the community, Ruck ‘N’ Run has donated over $18,000 and almost 9,000 pounds of food to Veteran organizations!

In this episode, SSG George Fuller (U.S. Army) – Creator, Race Director, & President at Ruck ‘N’ Run – shares the heartbeat and mission of Ruck ‘N’ Run as a soldier who is passionate about building bridges to the civilian community while giving back to Veterans.

To register for Ruck ‘N’ Run 2021 and find out more about the organization, visit https://www.rucknrun.org/

Find more information online at https://www.thewarriorsjourney.org/podcast

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