Episode 140 • The 5 Masculine Instincts (Part 5) - The Warrior's Journey®

Episode 140 • The 5 Masculine Instincts (Part 5)

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At its best, independence leads men to think for themselves and to develop deep personal convictions. But the instinct also has a tendency to lead men toward isolation and apathy.

Chase and Kevin come together for one last conversation on masculinity, discussing the tendency men have to veer into apathy and how they can ultimately find a healthy middle ground between ignoring and indulging their instincts.

Chase Replogle – author of The 5 Masculine Instincts – is a bi-vocational pastor who holds a degree in Biblical Studies and an M.A. in New Testament. He hosts the weekly Pastor Writer Podcast (pastorwriter.com), interviewing pastors and authors on writing, reading, and the Christian Life.

The 5 Masculine Instincts is now availble everywhere books are sold. Take the Instinct Assessment at https://the5masculineinstincts.com/.

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