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Episode 141 • Returning Healthy Veterans to America

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As we kick off a new series highlighting partner organizations, we welcome Major General Bob Dees (US Army, Ret.) back to the podcast, who serves as President of the Board for the National Center for Healthy Veterans.

Our veterans have pledged their lives for our freedom, security, and prosperity. Healthy veterans are productive members of society, good employees, and positive role models, but not all of our veterans are healthy – more veterans have committed suicide in the past 10 years than the number of combat deaths in the Vietnam War. Our veterans need America, and America needs healthy veterans.

The National Center for Healthy Veterans is a comprehensive scalable solution and a unique strategic initiative that will have national impact and return healthy veterans to America.

Bob served thirty-one years as an infantry officer, a senior military leader and strategist, and Commander of the 2d Infantry Division in Korea, and the US-Israeli Combined Task Force for Missile Defense.  Following the military, he served in business at Microsoft, in non-profit leadership, and in academia as a VP for military outreach at Liberty University and founder of the Liberty Institute for Military Resilience.

In 2015 and 2016, he served as national security advisor and chairman for Dr. Ben Carson’s Presidential Campaign. Bob has authored five books including the Resilience Trilogy and the Resilience God Style series. He was also featured as one of 30 “Master Leaders in America” by noted author George Barna and was awarded the Council for National Policy George Washington Military Leadership Award in 2018.

To find out more about Bob’s work at the National Center for Healthy Veterans, visit https://www.healthyveterans.org/, and to hear more from Bob, check out Episodes 49 and 50 of the podcast!

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