Episode 142 • Get Up! - The Warrior's Journey®

Episode 142 • Get Up!

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Continuing our series with other members of the Veterans Service Alliance, a group of non-profit organizations coming together to make a global impact in the fight against veteran suicide, we welcome Vice President of the Roever Foundation John Arroyo (USA, Ret) to the podcast!

John, a 20-year Army veteran, joined the military because he needed a change and felt the military would help him find control of his life. He expected to complete three years, gain a skill, and go home, but the Army had different plans for him. John became a Special Forces Green Beret and highly decorated officer after completing three combat deployments (two to Afghanistan and one to Iraq) while serving his country.

After returning from his final deployment, he was assigned to a medical unit at Fort Hood in Texas. On April 2, 2014, while he was on duty, a service member went on a rampage shooting 19 service members, including John who was shot in the neck and nearly lost his life.

He hopes to use his scars and story to help anyone in need from taking their life and to be a living testament that there is hope and a future no matter your situation. John and his wife, Angel, currently live in San Antonio, TX where they both work at the Roever Foundation. In January 2020, John published his first book, Attacked at Home: A Green Beret’s Survival Story of the Fort Hood Shooting.

Founded by renown Vietnam Veteran Dave Roever, the Roever Foundation exists to create pathways for those who feel lost and hopeless to find their way home. More information about the Roever Foundation can be found at https://www.roeverfoundation.org/.

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