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Episode 143 • Honor, Hope & Healing

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As we continue to highlight our partners in the Veterans Service Alliance, a group of non-profit organizations coming together to make a global impact in the fight against veteran suicide, we’re shining the spotlight on Engage Your Destiny, led by CEO Ben Peterson.

Ben spent 8 years in the Army, deploying to Iraq during the surge in 2008. His time in a Combat Aviation Brigade was challenged by fellow soldiers killed in action, suicide, and tragic civilian casualties. After battling post traumatic stress, alcohol dependency and family issues, Ben turned to his faith, community, counseling and recreation to recover from the traumatic experiences of combat. The power of Ben’s story is his ability to bring authenticity and honesty while breaking down the of core principles of resiliency.

In the beginning of 2016 he felt the call to start a mission to help veterans and their families heal from their experiences. This call led to the fulfillment of a vision Ben had to bring honor, hope and healing to Vietnam Veterans, as 35,000 people gathered at the Daytona International Speedway in May of 2022 for the Heroes Honor Festival. 10,000 Vietnam Veterans were welcomed home, 1,200 enrolled in PTSD programs, and hundreds more found healing.

To find out more about Ben Peterson and Engage Your Destiny, visit https://engageyourdestiny.com and stay in the loop with what’s in store for the next Heroes Honor Festival at https://heroeshonorfestival.com/.

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