Episode 144 • Be Resilient - The Warrior's Journey®

Episode 144 • Be Resilient

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Collectively, the Veterans Service Alliance, of which The Warrior’s Journey is a part, serves around 1 million veterans each year. In this episode, we continue to highlight our partners with VSA co-chair Dr. Damon Friedman!

Damon is the president of SOF Missions, which helps at risk veterans by providing whole health care plans that support wellness and resiliency. He received his commission in 2000 as a United States Marine Corps Officer and later transferred into the Air Forces elite as a Special Warfare Officer. After 20 years including four combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan in support of the Global War on Terrorism he retired. His personal decorations include three Bronze Stars (one with Valor) and the Air Force Combat Action Medal. His new book, Igniting Movements, provides a model for building effective movements, inspiring people to come together under a singular vision to make the world a better place.

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