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Episode 145 • Healing What’s Hidden

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Trauma is the root cause of suicide, and the existing solutions aren’t working. Addiction, poverty, sexual abuse, divorce, homelessness, incarceration, and suicide are all directly correlated with trauma exposure. The U.S. spent $458 billion last year to treat these comorbidities of trauma, and the VA spent an average of $4,100 per person for treatment of PTSD.

Trauma may be spreading, but so is hope.

If trauma is our personal intersection with the brokenness of the world, then recovery is our personal intersection with the redemptive heart of God, and REBOOT Recovery is helping people overcome trauma so they can embrace a brighter future.

REBOOT delivers healing from trauma that actually works.
At REBOOT, people are introduced to the redemptive heart of God through trauma healing courses and online community – at no cost for military and first responder programs.

With nearly 300 course locations spanning 34 states and 7 countries, REBOOT Recovery is the largest peer-led trauma healing program in the world.

Founders Evan and Jenny Owens have been at the forefront of the faith-based trauma healing movement, working ceaselessly with churches and community leaders to help bring about lasting change.

In their new book, Healing What’s Hidden, they shine light on the many pathways where faith and trauma intersect, and they guide you through practical steps to reframe your trauma as a productive – rather than destructive – part of your life.

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