Episode 55: Life Conversations with a Dying Father, Revisited - The Warrior's Journey®

Episode 55: Life Conversations with a Dying Father, Revisited

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Pilot, missionary, and cancer survivor, Rob Stone (US Air Force veteran), is back on the podcast!

This time around, The Warrior’s Journey CEO, Kevin Weaver, invites Rob to share some highlights from his new book, Your Dad Loves You: Life Conversations with a Dying Dad, a personal love letter to his own children as he faced near-certain death with terminal cancer. This powerful testimony serves as a sobering reminder that nothing in this life promised—every breath is a gift, and no moment can be taken for granted. With this perspective in mind, we can truly live a life of significance and meaning, not simply chasing after rank or status, but striving to become people of character, purpose, and love.

To hear more of Rob’s incredible story and profound insights, check out episodes 45 and 46 of the podcast, and be sure to pick up a copy of his new book.

Click this link to buy “Your Dad Loves You!”

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