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Episode 72 • Forgiving the Unforgivable (feat. Daniel Bell)

north carolina. Photo by The U.S. Army is licensed under CC By 2.0

Daniel Bell is back to dive deeper into his experience as a US Army Special Operations Combat Medic (160th SOAR/Night Stalkers). This time around, he unpacks the events of June 28th, 2005 in detail from his perspective—a day that now lives in infamy as 19 special operations servicemen lost their lives during Operation Red Wings (depicted in the book and film, Lone Survivor).

As someone who experienced that tragic event in a deeply personal way, Daniel carried bitterness and anger in his heart towards all of those he deemed responsible. But over time, he would come to learn how to forgive—by receiving unfathomable forgiveness for himself from a gracious God.

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