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Evening Prayer

Sailors man the rails of USS Oscar Austin as the ship departs Oslo, Norway.. Photo by U.S. Navy is licensed under CC By 2.0

Taken from an Evening Prayer, given by a current Active Duty U.S. Navy Chaplain on a vessel currently deployed. 

Good evening, this is CHAPS,

Would you join me in prayer?  Father it’s good to be on the move, steamin’ nearer to Portland Fleetweek.  We lift up shipmates feeling the effects of the tossing and turning, we pray for combat, the bridge team, engineers and all who are guiding our way there.

As a ship we want to remember tonight the anniversary tomorrow of D-Day at Normandy. 50 miles of German controlled coastline were invaded that day, 06 JUN 1944. 53,000 Allied troops gave their lives on that ground in Operation Overlord. Their sustained efforts would liberate Europe and bring down the Axis powers. 5,000 Ships, landing craft and 11,000 Aircraft were involved.

Father, we pause in silence to honor these fallen warriors who gave their ultimate, their all.

President Lincoln said “…we can’t consecrate, we cannot hallow their deeds enough—the brave living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our power to add or detract…But it is for us living to dedicate ourselves to the unfinished work for which they fought and nobly advanced.”

Today, and all days, our warship looks to You. Consecrate us Dear Lord to valiant deeds, fighting for freedom and hope for our beloved Nation tonight, in our stay in Portland, during Comptuex (composite training unit excercise) and throughout Deployment.

We pray now you keep our families and friends in your mighty care and bless all who watch and who sleep. In your mighty name, amen.

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