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Compassion Means Action

Author: Chaplain, COL Scott McChrystal, USA (Ret.)

Virginia Guard chaplain support teams support military personnel in Louisiana. Photo by Coast Guard is licensed under CC By 2.0

When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick. (Matthew 14:14)

Compassion is an important trait for any leader. It sends a powerful message to soldiers that the leader genuinely cares about their welfare. But the compassion expressed must be real. Troops see right through leaders who profess to have compassion but fail to deliver. And how is compassion judged as being real or phony? The answer is simple — through action. Those to whom you express compassion in words wait to see if you follow with action.

Jesus provides us the best example of what compassion really means. The verse tells us Jesus had compassion toward the crowd and healed the sick. It can be easy to rationalize and think that because we can’t do all the miracles Jesus did, we don’t need to try. Truthfully, when people come to you for help, most don’t need a miracle as much as they need you simply to do the best you can. What seems like an ordinary action for you might seem like a miracle to them.

Jesus had compassion. His actions proved it. And so can yours.

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