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Whenever my family purchases DVDs, we usually buy the “special editions” or “collector’s editions” of classic movies. We like them because they usually have special features on an extra disc – features like documentaries on the making of the movie, biographies on the director and stars, and best of all, the “deleted scenes” feature. These deleted scenes contain all the story elements that the director and producer cut from the movie, which usually have never been viewed by the public.

 Deleted Courses

Just the idea arouses our interest – to finally get to see what the “big shots” had withheld from us for so many years. “Whatever could be in those deleted scenes? They must include things they didn’t want us to know. But why? Were those deleted scenes too shocking? Would they have revealed something evil about the main characters? Would they have changed the whole course of the movie?”

Over the years, I have come to enjoy a vast collection of deleted scenes from many movies. But these days I hardly get excited over viewing them. Why? Because in my experience, I have found that the movie makers cut those scenes for a very good reason. With only a few exceptions, the previously unviewed deleted scenes are substandard and often a big disappointment in developing the overall plot. Put simply, they are not that good. They can often stifle the pace of the movie and detract from its theme. After viewing the deleted scenes I usually say to myself – “the Movie Makers did the right thing after all.”

When God Withholds A Door

In a way, my yearning to see the deleted scenes of movies is akin to some of the hindsight questions we ask of ourselves and God. “What if things were different? What if my life had taken a different path? Why didn’t God open that door of opportunity for me? Why did God allow that tragedy? Why was that blessing withheld from me? Is God trying to keep something good from me?”

True, we believe in the Lord. We trust in His love, sovereignty, and wisdom. Yet sometimes we find ourselves wondering why certain doors in our lives are shut, doors that seemingly held good things for our lives. But when we see our Lord face to face, He will dry our every tear and heal our every wound (Revelation 21:4). Similarly, I strongly suspect God will answer all those haunting questions as well. Perhaps God will even take us into His “film editing room.” He will show us those events, opportunities, and tragedies he deleted from our own life’s story. He’ll show us why those good things were withheld and why those doors of opportunity never opened to us. Thus, we will see and hopefully understand that it all happened for a far greater purpose. In the end we will all acknowledge, “God our Maker did the right thing after all.”

The Scripture says, “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths” (Proverbs 3:5-6).



Dear Father in heaven, to You I commit my life, my future, and all my ways. Please guide and direct my steps and help me to trust You always. Amen.


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