Growing Through Adversity - The Warrior's Journey®
I Made A Decision I Have A Question Pray For Me

We have been serving our Nation and caring for the “Soul of the Army” during unprecedented times these past several months. As we’ve continued to live our call, COVID-19 and physical distancing have required us to innovate in many unexpected ways.

“Growing Through Adversity” is a film of “personal stories” in which several couples share their private, often challenging, marriage experiences, to provide encouragement to others who want to build strong marriages. Senior Chaplain Corps and Army leaders, as well as other special guests, open up their lives to the audience, to share a path forward during these difficult times.

The Warriors Journey

The Warrior’s Journey is an online resource for the military community offering trusted content relating to the mission, vision, challenges and ethos of the warrior. Our goal is to offer insight perspective and support to warriors and their families as they put beliefs and principles honored by their branch of service into practice.

Thank You to Our Special Guests

Tony Dungy

Tim and Demi Tebow

Toby Keith

Blair Underwood

Vanna White

Drew Carey

James Woods

Sam Elliott

Jeff Daniels

Johnny Gill

Kevin Sorbo



It is our hope and prayer that this film will encourage the Army’s Soldiers and their families, and all military personnel who work, sacrifice and serve to preserve our Nation’s liberties.

I Made A Decision I Have A Question Pray For Me