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A recent article posted by describes a most promising development in transplant surgery. As you know, organ and appendage transplant surgery is an incredibly challenging procedure. But beyond the surgery itself, is the challenge to keep the body’s immune system from rejecting and attacking the transplanted organ or appendage. The standard method of preventing this is to administer immunosuppressant medication to the patient. But this weakens the immune system and makes the patient vulnerable to cancer, diabetes, infectious diseases and a host of other ailments that attend a weakened immune system.

But by using nanotechnology, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have engineered a tiny particle that tricks the immune system into accepting the transplant. It does this by releasing a native protein in the transplanted organ and this protein basically tells the immune system, “I’m a friend.”
And where do these scientists get this “native protein” which fools the immune system? They get it from cancerous tumors. Yes, cancerous tumors secrete this protein in order to fool the immune system into thinking it’s a friend rather than a deadly foe. These researchers are taking this “tool of cancer” and using it for good. They are making one of humanity’s worst enemies do their bidding to benefit humanity.
Thus far, this research has only been applied to laboratory rats. But it’s had a 100% success rate in getting their immune systems to accept transplanted limbs from a donor rat of a totally different strain. They anticipate similar success among humans once their work has been peer-reviewed, tested, and approved.
You know, what these scientists are doing with cancer – making it work for humanity’s benefit, is what God does with the devil. Yes, God does this all the time. He uses the devil’s desire and efforts to destroy believers into the very means of their sanctification and preparation for heaven. God took the hatred and wickedness of Joseph’s brothers – their mistreatment of Joseph and selling him as a slave – to bring about good for both Joseph and all of humanity. God used their crime against Joseph to ultimately make him second in command to Pharaoh. And once he had risen to power, God used Joseph to develop and implement a strategy for saving the world from starvation (Genesis 37-50). In Joseph’s own words to his brothers, “What you intended for evil, God intended for good, to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives” (Genesis 50:20).
And can’t God do the same with our present crisis with the Covid-19 virus? Can’t God turn this evil around for humanity’s and our Nation’s ultimate good? Can’t God use this time of fear to turn our hearts to Him in faith and repentance? Shouldn’t we be praying that God will do this very thing? That He will redeem this crisis and use it to bring about good?
This is the challenge for the Christian believer with every setback and tragedy that befalls him. He or she must pray, “Lord, please redeem this tragedy so that it will bring people to Jesus Christ and bring glory to You. Lord, please take what others intend for evil and cause it to bring about good.”
Let’s pray that God will turn our curses into blessings and our pains into gains (Deuteronomy 23:5). God can do it. Consider what God did with the worst crime of all time and eternity. God took humanity’s murder of His Son – something that should have aroused His wrath to destroy us – and used it to accomplish our eternal redemption (Romans 5:9-10).

PRAYER: Dear Father in heaven, we pray for America and our world in this current crisis. O God, we pray that You will bring healing to those who are infected with Covid-19 and that you will protect those who are exposed to it. We pray, dear Father, that You will flood our hearts with Your peace and love, and inspire us to care for each other and work together to overcome this crisis.
We pray, dear Father, that You will sustain our Nation and help our economy to recover from this shutdown. Give heavenly wisdom to our leaders that they will make the wisest possible decisions.
Above all, dear Father, we pray that You will take this evil and turn it around for good. When we are anxious and afraid, cause these fears to drive us into Christ’s arms that we might be saved. Make us realize our frailty and our need for You. Use this crisis to open our hearts to You in faith and repentance and to each other in love and reconciliation, through Jesus Christ. Amen.

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